title:sty_pr(stay pure)




edition 50


I wake up, rub my eyes and open the window.

And then I fly into the sky. Passing through the troposphere,

the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere and the exosphere. When I reach the outer space,  I return from there to the atmosphere.
My vest is burnt, standing here naked. Pet the dog in the yard,

walk into the bathroom and take a shower, have a relaxing breakfast. There weren’t that much clouds up there.
When will it happen to face the generation of letting the electricity flow into your whole body, all your 5 senses will be hacked and gone and you, only enjoy yourself.
I was dreaming of it. Spending the future like I explained above. 
But as I see the present, it won’t happen while I’m living.
I do have this kind of an acceptance.
There are neither sorrow nor pain but irritation. I wish I could fly on my own - by myself. And when the irritation has calmed down,

I started to love my own - my own body. Incomparable to the world of a Science Fiction, a dream or an internet in our reality - it’s the real body of here and now. The natural philosophy, the substance.


Believe in a sign and the anxiety has to be followed. Make your way.

Leave the mentality and the thoughts behind, get your body to the front , restrain, stretch out the hand to reach the space beyond the „already-known“.
The pictures are captured right at the moment of hitting
the „shutter release button“ and it was made by the unknown of the moment itself, which are still not understandable now. The body tells you what spirit can’t tell.

The body works as a prophet, a diviner, a shaman and it can see much far than any consideration and the mind. So keep the mind as empty as it can be, Avoid being in the way of a movement that body is longing for. Let your body control you, let the mind follow-up.

Be completely new and beautiful and pure.

stay pure,sty pr


Only your eyes are able to see your own movie in full size and without any cuts. No one knows about the running time. It can be 10 to 80 years.

No one knows if it’s already the scene of a climax or only the introduction. No one knows if it’s a bad ending story or a splatter movie.
Therefore you need some help to enjoy the film. Because, I wasn’t able to shoot a graceful short movie.


A place between the bad story and the bad ending - it might be called „the hope“. This tiny hope fulfill the function of the present hope.

A hope with full of hope, a story based on happiness. Who - nowadays, is able to believe in that. A hope without any hope, paradise lost paradise.

                                                                                                                                                               translated by Riho HAYASHI (rikeylittleforest)

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